I’ve lost my voice!

No, I don’t mean I’m hoarse and I can’t speak, but that on the piece I’m working on. I have been ill and it has made my head fuzzy and not working great, so I’ve taken longer than I normally would off. My breaks when I got a WIP going are normal less than a week… But I have had almost 3 weeks…

3 weeks not writing.

3 weeks not thinking about the characters and the story.

So today I sit down and…


Or rather the story starts sluggish.

And I have lost my voice. I can’t hear my character. So do I brood about it?

I have decided not to.

I’m just going to write it and then hit the editing. It isn’t how I normally work. Normally I would try to find the voice again.

I just don’t have the time.

The deadline is coming up so I’m hitting the computer and getting it done. Then it will need the best edit I have ever done.

7 thoughts on “I’ve lost my voice!

  1. Hi Kate – don’t know if you know, but there are adverts appearing at the bottom of your page and nothing to do with you. Since your site does not have “wordpress” in its address, I suspect you probably pay not to have ads (like I do). I’ve taken a screen shot just in case it’s something you need to follow up on.

  2. It’s okay if you brood, but not for long. Your mind needs to rest. I know that for a fact. You have a lot going on and you need a break. Don’t worry your voice will be back before you know it.
    Look at me and how long it has taken me to answer your post. Now that my break is over need to get moving my brain cells!
    BRAVO! To you for everything you handle young lady! Keep up the great work! 🌺☺🖋🌹📓🖌

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