Can you make resolutions if you still have stuff to do?

Me and my fella were driving back from collecting a new tablet (it wasn’t working properly) when I said that you could feel the days lengthening. He agreed and said he felt better.

The shortest day this year, the winter solstice was the 21st December. That was my turn around. I know the calender year is coming to an end but really for me it is just another day.

Because of the PhD my new academic year is the 1st October…

So, which do I celebrate? Which is a new year?

I guess none, not really. They are all just constructs, they don’t exactly exist except the winter solstice. That one you can see the change in the light. And I love the fact the light is coming back. It can get cold and wintery, but it somehow doesn’t matter if the sun is shining.

The one thing New Year does bring is family get togethers. My family always has. On New Years Eve we all gather and then on the Day we get together again for a big feast. No reason really except we all love each other and it re-affirms the connection. Now I have my own family I find myself starting to hanker after that. I want the family closeness and I guess I’m creating it in my own way by giving people the option. The door is always open and I will always be able to pop the kettle on, although I can’t guarantee cake.

So, my resolutions this year… To love more and live more. To get out and be in the sun and to remember to laugh…

That’s a good one. I need to laugh more in 2019.

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