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Cardiff – Commissions – Valentine’s

The weekend just gone I found myself in Cardiff alone while my other half was training… So I decided to hit the museum – again.

I went to see the Victorian Gallery but it was closed. I wondered for a moment what to do but then I realised the Natural History section was open so I went dinosaur hunting. I love dinosaurs…

And then to give the day a bit of a buzz I had to have a quick half…


Of course this week was Valentines and I made a card for my lovely fella, and got some kissing elephants – super soppy but I love them…

And he got me a load of flowers… So beautiful. But my card got me thinking…

Why don’t I draw artwork like I did for the card? I can’t think of a reason, so watch this space. Hopefully there will be some designs out there soon.

Commission wise – I have one on the board at the moment and it is coming along really well. Give it a couple more days and I can move onto other projects.

Hope you all had a brilliant Valentines xxx

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