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The Drawing Board

It’s tricky being in two places at once. Leaves my head a little disjointed and unable to settle. This means that I don’t get the work done I ought to. I slow and become lethargic…

How do I change?

I have to be comfortable. Luckily, I have the best partner and he is happy to have those talks that can be difficult, at least for me. He props me up and slowly I’m becoming more comfortable in my new city and new life. It’s taking time, but then all the best stuff always takes time.

And as for work – well, I’m slowly speeding up. Slowly I’m getting there and soon I expect to be back to my bouncy self.

I do blame the flu as well… But It’s almost gone, after 5 weeks… Thank goodness.

I’m back at the drawing board and the projects are coming along:

  • the owl
  • a commission
  • a Key Stag 3 Tudor facts and Colouring Book…

That last one is fun to create.

Yesterday though we went to Cardiff Museum to recharge and I saw ‘The Kiss’. A beautiful piece of art…

It made my day and made me want to hit the drawing board. So that is where I’m off to. Have a good Monday all xxx

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