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There are rules in life. They litter our space like a ton of confetti.

Be nice

Don’t hurt anyone,

Love others


Always be polite

Rules… A lot of them and we have to abide by them all.

What if one rule is broken then? What if you get hurt in the process? Does that mean you forget all the others?

I have a rule that I always answer a message… That I’m always polite. But at some point my simple:

hi and fine thanks

becomes an open invitation to abuse. Why?

I understand the want of trolls but surely trolling a writer is a spectacularly bad thing. I mean, we can write anything into a book, including characters based on real life people. It does break an awful lot of rules though…

To write a character out of vindictiveness would be a bad thing, and I hate not abiding by the rules, even those imposed by myself. But the temptation is so great…

Perhaps I will, but then again, perhaps I will be good and let the trolls and bullies lie in their respective ditches, where I have put them. Somewhere I know they are there but at the same time I can ignore them. They will have to be dealt with at some point but right at the moment I will follow the rules and be polite.

For the time being…

Inspired by the daily prompt – abide

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