I write about dragons and magic… And yet the most mystical thing that happened this weekend was at a book fair.

As usual the weather was filthy yesterday. I mean really tipping it down. I always seem to do a book fair in a rain storm.

So the day was almost over and I have to admit that I was feeling a little tired. I must have been there for over four hours. I like book fairs, I get to meet people and other authors. For an author it is like a huge social gathering. We get to chat about projects that are on-going and others that are in the pipeline. But by the time we had hit the last hour I was starting to flag.

Then a guy stops in front of the stall. He picks up the last copy of ‘Here Be Dragons’.

“My boy read this, and he loved it. He sent me for the next one.”

For a minute I was stunned.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I haven’t finished it…”

In truth the second book is planned out but in a queue to be written.

“Oh…” He looked so sad and then he spied another book, ‘Fey’. “Would he like this?”

Now, I don’t know… It is about fairytales, but saying that it is written in my style. “He should,” I said.

He smiled and brought the book. It was then that I realised something magical had happened. I have a fan. Out there in South Wales is a child waiting for the next book for my dragon series and for my fey series…

And I am an author. Just like that.

I was also told on a few separate occasions just how good the stories were. It surprised me, scared me and made me want to dance all at the same time. Now I have to admit I have a little anxiety about the next books… Will they be as good? But if I push that aside all I feel is happiness.

So something mystical happened this weekend… I got a fan.

Inspired by the daily prompt – mystical

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