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Lately I have been ill… Really ill. The kind of sickness that leaves you unable to move and barely think. In fact, I am only just coming out of it and I keep finding myself so desperately tired that I am worried I have caught something else. It was just a tonsillitis infection, no big deal, but this year it has knocked me for six.

It does show you who and what you need to treasure though. I have a fella, he is about four and a half hours away and I don’t get to see him much, but on the Saturday, when the cold was at the worst he stayed on the phone all day. I fell asleep and he stayed there. When I woke coughing it was his voice that told me to take a drink. He may not have been able to be physically there but in every other way he was.

And he hasn’t stopped there. Everyday he has spoken to me, sometimes for hours. And I have felt a little less alone.

My Mum and Dad have been there as well. Making sure that I had enough to eat, when I could. It just shows you what you need to treasure.

I live an isolated and protected life. I work in a wooden box surrounded by books and art. I love my life but there are times that I feel lonely. If I am messaged on Facebook then I answer, even if they are slightly odd. I sometimes just need to have a conversation with someone who isn’t a character in my head.

That can stop now.

I have people I can talk to when I want.

And they see me.

I feel treasured.

Inspired by the daily prompt – Treasure

4 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. I hope you are feeling better today! You have to take one day at a time. This year had been bad with a bug going around. Drink plenty of fluids as they say, chicken soup is good, check with your doctor as many times as you have to.
    Your article is so true! We all have to look at what we have in “life” that are our real treasures!
    Feel better soon!!!! ☕🍵🍯💐🌼🌹🌺☺

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