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This time of year is always filled with smells. The Rayburn is on so there is the smell of smoke and we are cooking more roasts. Basically, winter in our house simply smells good. At the moment there is a bit of beef cooking with roast vegetable and a baked potato… No Yorkshire pudding but there is bread rising on the top.

Everything revolves around the Rayburn.

It’s solid fuel so gives the clothes that dry over it a wonderful wood smoke smell. The side boiler provides all our hot water and it is our main cooker and hob. Without the Rayburn our house doesn’t work.

Every autumn as we turn the Rayburn on I can’t help but smile and when we close her down in the spring it makes me sad. And yes, we do have limited hot water in the summer. I think that the winter is my favourite time of year for one reason only, the fact that the Rayburn is on and makes our lives so comfortable.

Inspired by the daily prompt – Pungent


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