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Everyone gets it… You anticipate a meal or a new dress. You sit at the edge of your seat waiting for the newest movie to start in the cinema. It is the crawling butterfly sensation that leaves you feeling slightly sick and excited.

The anticipation can leave you making a mistake or doing something silly. Take the other day. I was at a posh restaurant with my fella (yes I have one) when the waiter did something really strange. Now I was already filled with anticipation for going and for eating Italian… Something I’ve only done once before and never in this kind of restaurant. So the waiter walks over to the table for two and pulls out a chair.

I smile at him.

He smiles back.

I simile at my fella.

He smiles back.

I walk to the other side of the table and plonk myself into the chair.

“Um…” my fella says.

I look at the waiter who is still holding the chair and I feel my shoulders slump.

“You were holding the chair for me…”

“Yes,” he says and hands me a menu.

I had to laugh… I had been tied up in knots wondering if I was going to enjoy it or do anything wrong. The answer was yes, but do you know what? I made it a wonderful night. The ice was broken… Well, shattered really and I loved the food.

If you are in Buckingham and see a place called Prezzo – go! It was truly wonderful!!!

Inspired from the daily prompt – anticipation

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