Masters tales

Sickness and imagination

It’s odd… I mean I have been ill for the last week. A nasty norovirus that has left me feeling bad and facing the prospect that it hasn’t finished with me yet. I hope it has, but I’m not certain.

That brings me to the imagination bit. You see I have been a little out of it, but in those moments I found that my imagination was flying. I don’t recommend it but I have so many ideas… And the biggest thing?

My novel that has been stuck is no longer stuck.


The story can now begin to come together and I’m smiling…

The only problem is that I haven’t been able to think about how a sentence goes together for the last two days, let alone write one. But now that I’m feeling a bit better at least I can start. I just hope that I don’t need that imagination leap again, I do not want to be that sick again…


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