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Dialogue vs internal musing

I have a character on a boat… She has been alone for about 15k words but suddenly she has company. True the character that she is with could be mortally wounded (I haven’t decided yet), but the fact she is now talking to him means the dynamic of the story has started to change.

Up until now she has been strong because she has had to be but suddenly I can hear the doubt coming into her voice. Something simple as reversing a boat has become a contest. He watches her and the result is that she is worried about what he thinks and how he looks at her. It has already become obvious that he is attracted to her, although she isn’t interested… Not yet anyway.

But she doesn’t think she can trust him…

So the novel has gone from a sort of calm to one of tension and my heroine has started to question herself and him. It’s strange but it seems to be leading the book in a completely different direction. I thought he was going to die quickly and then leave her alone to cope with any problem that arose. But that isn’t the case. Instead she is looking at a possible affair and a lot of soul searching. It is almost as if he has brought civilisation with him and the problems she was trying to run from.

So do I allow my heroine to become a classic ‘female’ character or do I make her as hard of nails?

Perhaps I ought to try for something in the middle. Something that gives her vulnerability as well as grit.

But for the moment dialogue is definitely winning over internal musing.

2 thoughts on “Dialogue vs internal musing

  1. Hmmm. I find that much of my writing even in a novel is free association, and the only downside is that scenarios like yours crop up, but you just have to decide whether its good for the story in the long run, or if it might make it trickier later on.

    1. I’ve decided to run with it for a while… See where it is going to lead. Not sure yet but it is definitely changing, hopefully for the better.

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