Yes, I’m back to painting. I thought about sticking with just the drawing but then I looked at the opportunities out there. If I want to exhibit in a large gallery then I need to either get all my work professionally framed (it is usually asked by the gallery) or I have to exhibit a canvas…

The only problem is that I have worked in the last year on drawing and watercolour. So when I decided to go for two competitions this year I chose not my usual drawing but acrylic…

I might have tried oil but I didn’t have enough time to let it dry.

So I picked up my brushes pot and blew the dust off it. Then I blew the dust off my paints. I haven’t painted like this in about eight years.

Now, I know I ought to put all the bad attempts down (there have been three) but I’m not going to. Instead here is the WIP that I’m pleased with. Hopefully there will be more as I practice with acrylic more – I really enjoyed it.


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