Masters tales

Children’s novels are novels

I have four stories waiting to be edited and in some cases completely rewritten. Except they aren’t really stories. They are novels. Not for the adult market but for the children’s one. I love the stories and I really want to get them published but they are hard work…

Surely they are easier? Is something I hear all the time and the answer is really – no. I can write a decent adult novel in about six months but one of these kids stories has been three years in the making. They have to be descriptive and fast, with action and character developments, but unlike an adult novel I don’t have an unlimited word count. How many kids will sit down to a 100,000 worded tomb. It doesn’t happen.

You have to be concise and to the point. The characters have to be colourful and your dialogue must be easy going and believable. There can’t be any floral language and the description has to be simple but at the same time paint a picture so that the reader is immediately transported to the world you are creating.

Writing for children is hard.

But I’m persevering. I’m currently doing a rewrite on a novel that is based in Scotland; above ground and below ground.  It will be finished in a few weeks and then I have to decide whether to publish it myself or to send it the traditional route… I’m not sure yet.

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