A pie-crust promise

A pie-crust promise… They have to leave. Bitsy, Max and Conor have become hunted… #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

“Are they gone?” Max asks. They have come out of the shop and are watching me.

I scrub at my face to stop the tears and nod. “He has something…” I can’t finish.

“I heard,” Max says and puts his arms around me. Conor does the same and I feel loved and safe.

“He wants us to rescue him,” I whisper.

“We can’t, not now.”

I want to argue with him.

“He won’t leave Aaron and what do we do with Conor? Take him to war?” Max asks.

“I know, but I feel so helpless.”

Max gives me one last squeeze and releases me. “I know.” One look at his face and I realise that he feels the same.

“What if we are never able…” Max stops me with a kiss.

“We will try,” he says, and I know that is all we can promise, but it feels as if…

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