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That’s it then…

Finally ‘The Gone’ is finished. There are 3 more posts so the blog will continue until the 16th June and then there will be no more. I mean, I’m leaving the blog there, but I won’t make any more posts.

The Gone is 60,500 words long and is being edited into a full novel. I’m also planning Book 2, but this is the end of an era… Book 2 won’t be serialised and I have given a provisional publication date of March 2016 (Book 1 will be available next month).

I can’t help but smile. Thank you to everyone who read it. Please keep an eye out because there is lots more writing to come.

6 thoughts on “That’s it then…

  1. Only 3 more posts? Argh! What will I do without my fix hahaha 🙂
    Congrats 🙂 Writing this way is very challenging, especially because you cannot go back and change/edit things. Very brave way to write I think 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s amazing now the editing is being done just how many mistakes there are. I’m going back and writing more into the story to make sure it makes sense for the book. Most of it (about 80%) won’t be changed though – because there is no need.

      Sorry you will miss it.

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