To catch a traitor…

To catch a traitor… Has Colin really handed them over to the scientists? #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

We are no longer moving silently. I know that I would be able to track us just from the sound of our feet on the road. Still, when Aaron calls out again I’m shocked that they haven’t moved.

I stop and look in the direction Max came from.

“Are you alone?” Aaron cries again.

Max and Conor have stopped a little away from me and both are gesturing me to join them. I hold up my hand as if to say wait a minute. Then I gesture them over. Leaning into Max I whisper into his ear.

“Tell them you are still alone.”

Max looks at me with some confusion but does as I ask. “Yes, I’m alone.”

“What’s that?” Aaron cries.

I gesture to Max to repeat it but louder. He does.

“So you have no Bitsy with you?”

I roll my eyes. As if he would admit to…

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