Dyslexic tales

To see too much

I have a condition with my eyes that means the sun is just a little brighter and colours just a little sharper. It used to show in my art. People would look at the picture and say – where is that blue?

I’d point and say – right there.

They’d just smile and pat me on my head. I didn’t understand that others didn’t see the same colours. But as I’ve got older the colours have worn out my eyes. They get tired so very quickly. So much so that I have to shade my eyes when I go out and I work in perpetual twilight. My workshop is always in cool shadow. I don’t mind. In fact if I am in the garden I find that I get tired very quickly. My eyes just want to close.

I always have dark shadows under them… So when someone finally diagnosed me I thought that my luck had changed. I went to the hospital. They confirmed the problem and then said that they didn’t treat it…

What? – I said.

You will have to see an optician.

Aren’t you an optician? – I asked.

A little better than an optician.

So can you help?

I am sorry but it isn’t my field of expertise.

Can you recommend anyone? – I asked.


And that is that. I have now got to ring around all sorts of opticians to see if anyone can help. I did ask – what if I can’t find someone?

Just get a tint in your glasses?

What colour? – I asked, because I know that tints come in all shades and colours.

Whatever you find easiest to see with.

So that is the new plan. To get a tint. It worries me about my art but I really need to walk around outside without squinting and feeling that I haven’t slept in days. It should also cut down on the migraines. I am just shocked that a known problem would be on the edges of research despite effecting so many dyslexics.

Oh… The syndrome is Meares Irlen.

And I am just happy that it is an easy fix. 🙂


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