Part two of Chapter One of ‘The Gone’. Enjoy. 🙂

The Gone

“Ma’am,” a soft voice says. I am being gently shaken. Cracking open an eyelid I see that one of the flight attendants is leaning over me, a concerned frown on her face.


“We have landed.”

I smile and then realise that the rest of the plane is quiet. There is no one else left.

“I am sorry,” I say.

“Not to worry. You were out for the count.”

I nod and stand straightening my grey pencil skirt. “It’s been a long couple of days.” I reach up and grab my bag and jacket. Ineffectually I run a hand down my blouse, but the dusty pink shirt looks like I slept in it. Which I have, but I do wish that I’d worn something that didn’t look quite so rumpled.

“What’s the time?” I ask.

The woman looks at me with a sort of blank expression. Then it is as…

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