Hard seats and warm drinks

Here it is… Part one of Chapter one of ‘The Gone’. Enjoy. 🙂

The Gone

“Are we there yet?”

I wince from the constant barrage of children’s screams and cries. I do understand that families have to go on holiday, but why do they insist on taking the red-eye plane? I’d even asked the woman next to me.

“Why the red-eye with kids?”

She had glared at me. “It’s cheaper.”

I had mumbled something and turned away. Since then she hadn’t even acknowledged my existence, despite the fact she sat next to me. No, actually that was wrong, a couple of elbows timed to stutter across my ribs suggested that she knew I was there, and she was choosing to remind me that in a few words I had been able to make her hate me. It’s a gift that I have and that I use without realising it. Honestly, I am an easy going woman who likes to get on with people. It’s just…

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