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I enter quite a few over the year. The writing ones are great. I have rules…


  • never pay more than £10 to apply
  • always submit your best work
  • read through ALL the notes and regulations (there are always different rules)
  • read the winners from last year
  • never submit the same story for more than one competition – it can get confusing
  • NEVER give up

But I don’t enter drawing ones… I don’t know why. I mean I have intentions to but they never make it to actual drawings or sculptures.

Right at the moment I should be working on 2 short stories and 3 artworks. Instead, I am working on 2 short stories and 1 artwork. Why can’t I motivate myself with the art the same as the writing?

I don’t know. But I don’t have any rules. So I have decided to make up:


  • never pay more than £20 (art competitions can be more expensive)
  • always submit your best work
  • have a look at other winners artwork (these are usually published on the web, or google the artist and you will usually find a website – have a look at what they create)
  • read all the notes and regulations, in particular the sizes and medium you can use
  • never submit the same artwork to two different competitions
  • don’t share the artwork on social media – competitions like ‘virgin’ pieces.
  • NEVER EVER give up!

I have a feeling that the last will be harder. I feel that I am a writer, but only that I am an okay artist. I am going to force myself… Chiefly because I refuse to get to the New Year and realise that I have spent the whole year without exhibiting any artwork. It’s not good.

I will keep you posted if I get anything accepted, written or drawn. Until then, wish me luck.


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