#Lucky 7’s Game

I have been tagged on Facebook to post an extract from page 77, 7 lines down in my book… So here it is. From ‘Love Just Is’:

There was no sense in arguing. It was at this point that I showed an aggression that I felt bad about afterwards. I opened my hand and the bear fell in a slow deadly path to our inset marble fire surround. She watched it and her mouth had grown wide and circular, like a cartoon character. I watched and felt nothing. I had created this normal veneer to give my wife everything and all I asked for in return was a child. She was denying me that. So why not show her what she had married?

The bear hit the surface of the marble and shattered. The noise was like a gunshot and I remember her echoing scream. Then I was on my knees picking up the shards. Thirty pieces; it seemed appropriate. I went over and handed them to her. She took them and I clasped my hands around hers. I squeezed and relished her sound of pain.

“Whatever your decision is.”

I then sat in my seat ignoring her sobs and her leaving. It is the only time I ever asserted myself.

It’s from the short story – ‘The Count’.

cover 3

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