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No worries and phrases I use.

I have been working on a novel and, being a large piece of work, there are a number of characters. All of them are different sizes and shapes, with separate personalities and different ways of speaking.

The daily prompt has asked what phrasing you use all the time. And there is one – no worries. I think that it is an Australian phrase and, according to Wikipedia, means ‘that’s alright’ or ‘no problem’. I have been using the phrase for years. In fact I think it even turns up in my comments…

But where did it come from?

Well, I have a feeling that this particular phrase is my brothers fault. He has emigrated to Australia and I have a feeling that he bought it back with him when he came to see us. And my mind latched onto it. I’m not sure why. Now though, I am more likely to say ‘no worries’ than not. I love the phrase.

But, and this is huge for me, none of my characters has ever said it. And they never will. It would be too stereotypical and just sounds wrong. In fact, if I hear people use it in real life I roll my eyes. Except it doesn’t stop me. I carry on.

“No worries!”

Strange, but true. And I smile when others roll their eyes – I know I am doing it and I know it sounds strange coming from me. I just can’t help it. I love the phrase. 😀

2 thoughts on “No worries and phrases I use.

  1. As an Australian, I love it!! Not that I (usually) use it, but it is an inoffensive, congenial term, just as a lot of Americans would say, ‘No problem’! Thanks? ‘No worries’!

    1. I think that’s why I use it – the fact it is inoffensive and can be said with a smile and not be misconstrued. 🙂 Even if it does sound odd coming from someone not Australian. 😀

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