The Build 2021


We are just getting the first walls appearing on site. Covid, I was hoping it wouldn’t impact us too much, looks like it will be making the build a little difficult as there is a wait on the wooden framing. But it isn’t too long and there is plenty to do around the site so hopefully it won’t put us back. I got everything crossed.

The first wall

The first fix is going into the garage ready for the plasterer skimming next week, after the windows and doors go in. So, it is still progressing really fast.

I’m still not feeling well – my anaemia is not great and my body is fighting tiredness all the time. Add in the fact that I am also pretty stressed about the build, and I’m okay but not brilliant.

The Phd is progressing, perhaps I could be working faster, but at the moment it is what it is. I will catch up, but at the same time I can’t push myself too hard. It is strange balancing act. I am getting there but I need time and rest. Something that is hard to do as the anaemia means you don’t sleep well. It is very frustrating.

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