The Build 2021

Life moves fast

This time last year I was getting ready to go in to an operation and was seriously unwell. My mister was worried sick and we were still thinking about how the build would look.

This year we are healthy, despite the pandemic, and have just 6 days before the build starts. Eek! It has taken six months to find a builder who is willing to take on this unusual extension, and I mean someone who ‘wanted’ to build it. One thing I have found is that if you have to forever chase builders for quotes then you lose the excitement for it all. We have gone with a brand new business, Mumbles Construction. The builder is laid back and easy to get on with and everything is being done by the book, as far as I can see. I’ve never had a build done on my own property but my parents love doing up old houses.

I think the best one they bought was a Victorian end terrace. It was huge with massive ceilings and bay windows. Beautiful place. But only one room was liveable. There was even an outside bathroom, the upstairs one looked good, but wasn’t plumbed in. My sister washed her hands and it rained in the hall… So, I know a bit about building, not a lot, but, hopefully, enough to see a good job. With my parents I have been onsite for three extensions, 2 conservatories and 2 attic conversions… And Grandad was a quantity surveyor. Still, this time, because it is our house and our extension (Mister and mine) it is terrifying.

We had a start date for the 1st March so I came up with a plan. Categorising weeks and making it so we could gradually empty the conservatory and the garage… Then the builder asked if he could start of the 8th Feb.

That is in 6 days.

6 days!

So we have mostly cleaned out the conservatory and got the house ready. The garage is being started and we have to move the wormery this week. Goodness it is all busy.

I’m going to keep you updated. This is the new steels that will run along the back, middle and front of the extension…

Our rather large steels (5 meters long)

This is so exciting, and terrifying at the same time. I just hope the weather improves. Here is more snow. I do love a walk in the snow. But maybe not a build in the snow…

Swansea, snow and fog.

And no… I’m not going to stop writing or drawing. I have a make-shift study in the dining room. The advantage of that is how close to the kettle I am… It may be time for another coffee…

Afternote: We are in a pandemic and Wales is in lockdown so there are restrictions on interaction with the builders. We are adhering to the rules though and until they knock through, (which will not be for quite a while yet) they will be working in the back garden and garage, not in the house.

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