Masters tales

A free workshop

Well, looks like I am going to be giving a workshop on the 21st January… Not sure on how many can come but if anyone fancies then please have a look. It will all be run on zoom.

‘Kati Kati a state in between; Transcultural Identities in Wales and the World’

Thursday 21st January | 6pm-8pm

Dr Sarah Younan explores liminal identities and their literary and artistic expression. Followed by a creative writing workshop led by Kate Murray.

Sarah Younan has a background in art and heritage and only started publishing in Wales with Parthian Books in 2019 (Parthian Books). She is currently working on a memoir. Read ‘Mzungu’, a short story by Younan that explores her own experience of growing up as a mzungu and explores themes of white privilege and saviourism in Kenya. ‘Mzungu’ by Sarah Younan –

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