Lockdown · Miscellaneous

What in the World?

I have been super ill and before you ask not Covid 19… This was an infection and I’m only just getting back on my feet properly, but I am finding myself in a world that is very changed from before I was sick…

In this world I don’t get to see my mum and dad or the rest of the family. My only contact is through my phone and video chat. And to be honest I’m super grateful of that. Then there is the food. Supermarkets can be striped or have everything you need but you won’t know until you get there.

And that trip is terrifying.

You have to touch the handle on the cart… but someone else has been there before you. Don’t touch your face. Wash your hands. Be careful. Don’t hug or kiss anyone unless they are in your household.

Honestly, the world now is more like a book I would write than a real place.

But at the same time… Dolphins visit the canals in Venice and Japan sees deer in their cities. The sky is so very blue but then no planes are around. We can see for miles from the house but then the steel works are silent.

There is light in the dark but goodness it is scary. Stay safe everyone.

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