Masters tales


I have been missing.

Missed Christmas and New Year on here…

What is wrong?

Well, I ended up needing an operation… Which I finally had but have picked up a tiny infection that is being treated with antibiotics and after 24 hours I’m feeling much better. The result is that I have disappeared from all social media. But the better I feel the more I want to write.

Not that I stopped. I have been carrying on with the stories from the asylum. So far I have 3 finished. They are great to do, although this last one is a little horrific. A poor lady is placed in an asylum by her sister due to a housing dispute, all very dodgy. Back then being placed in an asylum would mean all your processions and estates would pass to your next of kin. With the lady in question, this passed to her sister. Like I said, very dodgy.

I’ve also been drawing. Trying to work out the illustrations for the stories. I’m getting there. But it is definitely a work in progress.

Partially finished illustration of Nellie Bly

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