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The Day After

So we had been in Marrakesh or a week and finally landed… Time to relax over the weekend – right?


We had other ideas.

You see my partner is the lead singer in Some Weird Sin, a punk rock band that has reformed after 30 years, and they had a gig…. in Knighton.

So we arrive home at 4am, and are back on the road again by 2pm the next day… The views were stunning over the Brecon Beacons… Stunning and freezing. I mean – to go from lovely temperatures of 28 C to 2 C is something else. We had the car’s heater going full blast.

We arrived and booked into a delightful B&B who had opened out of season just for the band… Rock and roll lifestyle? I guess it is. We all trundled off for a sound check…

And then food – a very nice plate of belly pork at the Horse and Jockey….

Then back or the gig…

And of course I took a few snippets of video… But I can’t share them on wordpress without paying so go see them here:

Some Weird Sin Video 1

Some Weird Sin Video 2

And some of the professional photos by © 2017 Tom Helme, Willow Shoots


1. a facebook image
2. another facebook image
3. the flickr album


I think we are going to have a relaxing weekend next… Because I’m a little tired now.


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