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My Birthday Trip

It was my birthday!!!!

Now normally it would pass quietly and with no hassle but this year I have a fella, a guy who decided it was time to celebrate my birthday. Now I know he will hate this but here he is – my Roland…


He will be cropping up in my photos…

So on the 19th, which is my Birthday we went for a walk. You can tell from the photos that the weather wasn’t wonderful, but it was a great day. And we had a lovely roast dinner.

I loved very minute… Although I didn’t get much writing or arting done….

Then we hit the air… Literally.


The outskirts of London from the sky. We were on out way to Marrakesh. I had got a pssport, had the jabs and was over the moon to be travelling, although I can safely say that I hate flying… Especially the taking off and landing bit.

Sorry about the number of photos but the place is wonderful. We saw the souks, snake charmers, horses, cats, people of all different types and it was just beautiful. Marrakesh is the most wonderful place to visit. It is so different culturally that you feel like you are walking into a different world. But at the same time there is the poverty, traffic, smoke, beggars, cruelty… It is beautiful and ugly at the same time.

We are already planning on going back and I have a few short stories I want to write about the trip so I won’t say much, just that you will have to watch this space.

I recommend that you go if you can though. Just remember that the country is Muslim and almost dry, you can get alcohol but it is very very expnsive.

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