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Covers, Illustrations and Chapters

I am at that stage where I find myself working on Chapters for the same book I’m illustrating and designing covers for…


Well, as normal I find that there is a distinct possibility that I may not make one of my own deadlines. So, I have started orkig on more than just the writing of the book. When I get tired I swap to th drawing.

An yes I have a new toy… A Wacom Companion 2. It is a stand alone drawing tablet with a presure sensitive pen. And that is the bit I couldn’t be without. The rest I can work around, but the lack of being able to vary the line width as you draw is a hug no no. So the Companion 2 lets you do an excellent line. And the better news is that you can take it where ever you go. It’s portable. So, I can sit in a cafe and work on an illustration, no problem at all.

I have already noticed that I’m getting more work done. I am hopeful that this is an investment that will work.

Thank goodness the second hand ones are in my price range!

So the cover for Here Be Dragons 2 (imagine a spine for the book running down the middle).

cover 2

It’s Lucy, who you will know is a werewolf if you have read the book. And the writing? I’m a little over half way and still hopeful that I will make my self-imposed deadline.

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