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It’s Raining…

… and that makes me a bit down. So I was wondering what I could do to cheer myself up.

At the moment I’m swamped with work. I’m writing the second ‘Here Be Dragons’ and drawing a Tudor colouring book, so I thought I’d give you all a sale as I’m not certain when I’ll be online and when I won’t.

On Artfinder I have a Rainy Day Sale that will be from tomorrow (17/05/2017) to the 31st May 2017.

artfinder may sale

And for Esty I have a coupon!!! Which means you add the code (RA1N1ING) when you checkout and get 20% OFF and order over £5!!!

esty coupon

So, I hope that cheers you all up. I’ve got a smile on my face. And remember that I have different products at the different shops. Artfinder is only original artworks, and Etsy is books, colouring books and cards.


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