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Have you ever listened to rumor? I do, but I try not to take any notice. And I do google my name with things like bad and negative comments next to it. I suppose it is in us all to see the worse easier than the best.

I saw this on Facebook today:


And I realised that it is completely true. You don’t see yourself or how other people see you. I have friends and family who are supporting me through a bit of a tough time but I still look in the mirror and see someone who is washed out and defeated. But by the end of the day I have fought with my emotions and the reality of what has happened. I don’t see the me that everyone else does. I see the me that looks back with eyes have have too much in them.

Should I change?

I don’t think I can. All I can do is remember that I am more than that reflection. That people want to see me. That I am loved.

I just wish my friends would do the same, because some of them can tie themselves in knots because of what they have heard. How can one bad thing cancel out all the good?

I see it happen and watch it as it even happens to me. Why do I let it? Over something I have heard.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt – Heard

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