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There have been twenty five days in this year… That is all. Yet it feels like a lifetime since Christmas. I decided to list ten good things that are part of my life. Everything in the news is doom and gloom, in fact, some of what has happened to me has been pretty bad. But I’m going to ignore that… This is all about the good:

  1. I don’t need an operation! Due to trauma last year it looked like I might, but I don’t.
  2. I live on a smallholding with my parents and I never feel alone. Which is huge…
  3. I have met someone who has stood by me despite the bad. You know who you are…
  4. I am fitter and getting fitter. My weight may not be decreasing but I can climb the local hill without sounding like a traction engine.
  5. I survived anaphylaxis. I suppose that most would see this as a bad thing but for me it isn’t. I survived and it gives you a different look in life.
  6. I’ve laughed so hard this year already that I’ve had to run for the loo. Really… To give yourself over to laughter to that extent is freeing.
  7. I have so many friends that there isn’t day that goes by without someone wanting a chat. And for someone with aspergers that is pretty good.
  8. My business is gaining in popularity and it looks like it might just succeed.
  9. I made a dress and it looked good on!
  10. The veg patch that I designed and planted way back in the spring of 2016 is still producing.

There are more as well. The fact my art is evolving… That my writing is going well. It is all good. So this year I definitely think there are more things to smile about than not.

Inspired by the daily prompt – ten

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