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I think I’m capable. I think I’m practical. But at the same time I’m a creative and can spend the whole day working on something I have dreamed about.

Last night I met up with a couple of mates and I got talking with another creative friend. The odd thing is that although we make things for a living we actually live by a strict organisation rota.

For me, I have a white board that has all the days of the week on. I tick off what I do. It means I can keep track of what project is ‘hot’ so which one will get finished first. I love to keep track of things. It’s interesting so see how long I draw, write and blog for.

At the moment I seem to be doing at least one blog post a day… And the Gone is being eaten away a few words at a time, but the art is sporadic. Sometimes I do masses and sometimes none. It depends how the mood takes me.

What my whiteboard does do is shows me I am capable to juggling all the projects I have on the go. It means I don’t loose my way and that I can see how I’m progressing. Of course without my whiteboard I have a feeling that I would be adrift on the wind, not certain how anything was doing…


Inspired by the daily prompt – capable

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