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People say to me that someday they will have time. Someday they well take the time… It doesn’t matter what they are going to do, it just that they are waiting for the time to do it.

In the distant past, when our ancestors sat around a fire and shared stories and food do you think they were time poor? Do you think they would say that they needed time?

I don’t think so.

It’s a fact that back then people had more time. In this modern age, as everyone is rushing about to keep up with bills, technology and stress, we have less time than those who sat around a campfire. I mean, they had other issues, food and surviving, but they had time for each other.

You could argue that modern life has stopped people from worrying about food and survival, except try asking someone on the streets or an immigrant trying to get into their wanted country. They would say that their lives are facing the same pressures as the past.

No, that is wrong… In the past people lived in tribes. We don’t. Those people on the edge of survival are alone.


Someday maybe that working mother will stop and look at her kids and hug them to her. She will never let them go. But when is someday? Will she stop when it arrives and realise that she missed most of it?

I am privileged to work at what I love. I practically live in my workshop. But my workshop is only 20 meters from the house. If family turn up or friends I simply stop and go see them. We gather around the metaphorical fire and swap stories. My someday is today.

Sure sometimes it isn’t, but most of the time it is.

If people need help – I go.

It worries me that so many can’t live like that. Surely it isn’t right… How did we get it so wrong?

Someone wants to walk up a mountain but finds themselves stuck to a computer for 48 weeks of the year. In those other 4 weeks that have to squeeze all their somedays.

That is wrong.

If you are waiting for someday, stop. Make someday today, now, this second…


Inspired by the daily prompt – Someday

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