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I did my first degree in Derby University, and as part of it I got to visit Majorca. Not the commercial side but the hills, mountains and beaches.

I was studying art and biology, an odd mix but one that I loved. One walk we went on I remember the heat being overwhelming. I mean it was like trying to push past a physical barrier. But we were climbing one of the mountains, really a hill in Welsh, but it was fairly steep. I was at the back with my friend and we were having a hell of a good time.

Did you know that there are scorpions that glow in the dark there? They are the cutest insects I have ever seen.

So we climb and finally we reach the top. The path just ended and you were looking out to sea.

The night had fallen and it was cooler. I was smiling and enjoying myself and then I saw the view. It was extensive and went on forever. The sea and the sky were one thing. And then there was the breeze. Just where we stood the wind whistled past.

I spread my arms and lent into it. And for a moment I was floating… No, I was flying. No matter what, in that moment I could have conquered the world. I was the most powerful and the most confident.

I was able to float without my feet leaving the ground.


Inspired by the daily prompt – Float

2 thoughts on “Float

  1. Kate, loved “Float,” and the flood of memories that it brought forth of times and places where I’ve found my own moments such as you. I enjoy so much your artwork, too. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

    Blwyddyn newydd dda

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