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I have just been contacted on Facebook by someone wanted to learn to draw… I’m tempted…

I mean I would have to get the log burner into the workshop… I don’t mind working in a slightly cold workshop, but if I was bringing anyone in they would have to be proper heat.

The workshop is big enough to fit four people and I am close to some beautiful countryside. There is plenty of scope for visiting areas and drawing. In fact, the more I think about it the more I think it might be a good idea.

But is it just a temptation?

If I’m teaching then I’m not writing… But at the same time it will give me some income.

Should I just run classes on drawing though?

I do write…

But would anyone want to come to a class about how to write?

These are all questions I’ve got to ask, and at the same time I have to work out how many I can have in the workshop, what to charge and when to hold them…

I feel like I am starting something new, but it feels somehow right. I’m very tempted…


And I don’t anticipate my classes to look like this – I just love the illustration and any excuse to use it.

Inspired by the daily prompt – tempted

2 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. I teach dance, rather than writing and love the balance it gives me. Writing is the happy little introverted me while with dance, I wear my teaching hat. Leave your options open in your mind and something or someone will come along and jog you onto the right path. Bright blessings for the coming year xx

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