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It has just turned into Christmas Day here, and at last I am relaxed. The mincemeat slices are made and the Christmas presents are wrapped and finished. I have just had a glass of Baileys and have ushered in the day with a grin. Really this last month has been hell but I am finding that I can still smile.

What is this Christmas about though?

For me it has always been about the giving. The making of gifts. I sit and pour over patterns and ideas trying to match the present to the person. Trying to find the thing that will make them smile. And my Christmas starts early. I will start making around September time, earlier if there are jumpers involved. This year was an early start.

I just hope everyone likes their gifts. I’ll find out in the morning…

For me though the bounty isn’t the gifts I get back but the smiles, and the scowls. The laughter and the sharing of a meal. My family being around me and the bad game we always play after we have all eaten too much. That is the Christmas I enjoy.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and I hope you have a wonderful couple of days…

Inspired by the daily prompt – Bounty


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