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I try not to. I hate to mope. But I am a perfectionist. And the result is that I can do a drawing and then mope about it for ages because I think it isn’t good enough. It happens with the writing as well. I have over 50 unfinished blogs because I thought they weren’t good enough.

But the thing I have found is that it is all in my imagination. The drawings and the writings are good but at the time I was so fixated on attaining what I thought was perfection that I missed the point. You don’t need perfection. You just need it to be the best you can do.

At the beginning of last year I partially illustrated a picture book but I decided that it wasn’t good enough. I have had a look at the drawings. They are beautiful. Okay, they need a bit of work, but they are exactly what I wanted them to be.

So, why couldn’t I see it?

I don’t know but I have decided that I am not going to throw anything away, just in case I get it out later and find that it is better than I thought possible.

My new year’s resolution?

No moping…

Inspired by the daily prompt – mope












4 thoughts on “Mope

  1. It’s often good to come back to a piece of work… sometimes I write things and then when I read them a month later I think ‘did I really write that?’. Any work that you have put energy in to is worth keeping at least for a while in case you want to have a second go at it.

  2. So are you going to release your posts? You should. Just preview them & you will probably find out you really like them. Come on give it a try. Welcome to the new year of 2017. ☺😉🤗😉

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