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Two sides to a story, two people stood opposite each other yelling their truth. Which do you believe?

In the eyes of the law you are innocent until proven guilty, but what does that actually mean? What if the person in question is guilty but is found innocent? Does the victim immediately stop being a victim?

Does the perpetrator become the victim?

How can you tell who is right?

It is a conundrum…

I have made a decision and for some it will be the wrong one, but I can see the problem developing into a sort of dance that will have no conclusion. Instead we would move around each other in endlessly. So, I decided to let the situation slide.

A little like water running through my fingers. I held up my hands and showed others but ultimately I have wiped them dry so I can move on, make a cup of tea and smile again.

The dance is over because I have walked away from the hall. Yes, it was a tough decision to make but this way I get to walk away. I get to remember how to smile. I can look at the sunrise and the sunset with eyes that are not afraid. I survived and the conundrum can go jump off a cliff.

I have no desire to continue the dance. I can hear another type of music and this one is warming my soul, not trying to cage it.

Inspired from the daily prompt – Conundrum

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