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Today I realised that I got to be happy with the now and not worry about the future so much. And I do worry about the future.

I worry that the art will be a failure, that the books won’t sell and that I will be a pauper…

Now that is all just silly. The books are selling and the art is okay but on the right track. In fact, this month I have made a profit! Yay! Yes – I’m doing a snoopy dance around the workshop.

Even my personal life is looking interesting…

So what am I worrying about?

My mum says that if there is nothing to worry about then I will worry about it… I have a feeling that she has a point. In fact, I know she has.

I feel as if this ought to be new year and I ought to be making a resolution but it is October… So today I just want to be more like this guy:


No… I do not want to be a man. I want to be self-assured and know who I am. To be comfortable with my place in life, be it with money or not.

So I am going to get my Nick Fury on and just let the world come at me, because, you know what, I have nothing to worry about.

The drawing is one of today’s doodles…

Inspiration for the post from Daily Prompt – realise

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