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We all make them. Sometimes they are small ones… That we will promise to say hi to someone we next see and other times they are huge.

I try not to make many. I hate not being able to follow through with them. But at the same time I am a great advocate of promises. Because is isn’t just a promise, it is trust.

If you promise to do something then your are saying that you can be trusted. If you break that promise then you are breaking the trust.

Sometimes i trust easily and sometimes I just take a leap. This past week I took a leap and have landed on my feet, although I may have put a hand down on the landing… What is that? A 40 point deduction? But it doesn’t matter because I have landed and I’ve stood up straight, looked around and smiled.

So do I make promises?

Yes, I do… and I hope that I always keep them…

Inspiration from the daily prompt – promises

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