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Everyone is doing inktober… And I’m not.

Should I be though? Well, I already draw everyday so it seems silly to add more onto my plate. And those drawing are all digital at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I am doing a load of pencil drawings but they are for artwork that is due to be exhibited in a gallery. My digital stuff is different. My digital art I like to keep fun. I love drawing movies.

I’m a massive movie nut so I just love creating images that are from them. I also love drawing from historical and old photos. Take this one from the other day…


It’s using a new pencil brush on the computer. The original photo is an over exposed WWII image. So today I went on and did this one…


I’m loving the brush and this one is from Hamlet. But I still don’t think I can say that they can be part of the Inktober fest. Both are digital drawings. And I think you have to use a pen and paper to be official.

But I do love using an ink brush…


And sorry about the spiders… It is coming up to Halloween though. Anyone know the movie? And it is an ‘almost’ Inktober…

One thought on “Art

  1. Inktober is super fun, it’s never too late to join! Everyone does it in their own ways, even if it’s INKtober it doesn’t have to be ink drawings. The principal of it is to create positive drawing habits.

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