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You know I once knew a woodsman… A guy who owned a husky and worked in the woods. In fact, as far as I know he is still there.

I was doing a load of courses at a place called Denmark Farm and one of those courses was to create a composting loo.

Why? I can hear you ask.

Well, the simple reason was that I wanted to know how to do it, and it wasn’t for the writing. This was before I had even thought about putting pen to paper. No, I went on the course because our veg patch is 150 ft away from the house and there is just a hosepipe giving water. I thought in the future it would be good to have a composting loo down there in case anyone was caught short. It is still the plan, but the project isn’t as important as other projects. I’m sure I will get around to it.

The course was during a week and was filled with people semi-retired or those working for themselves. The details are a bit fuzzy but I do remember trying to split hazel for a screen, we made a sort of corridor leading into the loo.

I remember that the hole had been dug. Which I was so pleased about as it was a huge hole. We then set about creating a seat and walls. It was all about the wood so there were no pre-cut pieces of timber, it was all split. It looked good when we were done. And was functioning.

But the man I remember. He is a character difficult to forget. I sometimes wonder why we never stayed friends but life moves on and you drift apart. He was a man who lived in a wood. He had a massive SUV and a husky that was super protective. I didn’t know it at the time but I had started to catalogue his differences and make him into a character. Oddly, I have never used him in a book but I can see that changing soon.

He made charcoal and used wood in buildings and furniture. So when the daily prompt said – tree I pictured him. In old jeans and a jumper that has seen better days. A smile on his face and eyes that are too sad for his age. A white husky sitting at his side watching me warily…

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