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I did the book fair… I shook  to about noon and then after that I settled a little. It is strange to be in a place filled by readers. They were all looking for books and they want to talk to you…

I loved talking to the kids. Telling them about the story-lines and the main characters. Every kid I talked to loved the stories. In fact, I sold out of Tunnels!

But I think I have really hit a breakthrough. I’m going to do more book fairs. It is a little traumatic, I think I will always prefer to be in my workshop than out meeting people, but it is do-able. I even did this one on my own… And I survived.

Thank you to Thompson Authors for organising it and I will see you next year!

And just to show I’m doing more fairs I have booked in to Bont Christmas Fair… So one the 20th November I will be at the Bont Pavilion from 10.30am to 4pm.


From the daily prompt – Breakthough

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