Masters tales

That one story…

I have one story. I love it. It’s a horror steeped in Norse mythology and it is creepy and a little disturbing. But it is so unlike anything else I have written that it stands alone. It can’t be included in a short story collection because there are no others like it. So instead I send it out to publishers.

Every year it hits a new magazine or two.

Yet still it comes back, rejected.

I suppose I ought to just mothball it but I like it… So I’m determined. And the story has just hit another publisher.

I suppose I could publish it on Amazon as a stand alone story but the problem with that is it is short, under 3000 words. And as a reader I know that can be annoying to read. You start and then it is finished before you get your teeth into it.

The other option would be to extend it into a book. And that might be a decent idea… I’ll have to think about it. If it is rejected… again…

I’m optimistic though. I hope that it gets published soon.

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