Masters tales

Spring Clean-out

They do say that in the spring you clean stuff. I’m not sure I have done it in the past but this morning I woke up and realised what was wrong with my workshop.

You see, normally I write with my computer facing the wall. I remember when I put it in that position I argued with my dad that it was the best place, on the best desk. I was so wrong…

Instead, of making me work it depressed me. My view was non-existent and I found that I wanted to get some light, but the only lighting I had was a fluorescent bulb. I found that I write for three-quarters of my day, so I was sitting under a fluorescent light for loads of time.

I hated it.

And then there was the problem of the art. I was creating my work facing a window. Have you ever tried to read in the sun? The page becomes dark and it is difficult to work. Well, that is what was happening. Basically the workshop wasn’t working.

So this morning I swapped the work stations. And the result is that I have natural light and a view and I can finally see all the colours on my canvas. All in all a good day!

The only thing that vexes me is that I have conformed to the spring clean. I wish I had done it earlier in the year. Instead, I waited until the local supermarket had taken down the Easter Eggs and put cleaning products in their place. I do hate being predictable…

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