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It has been a lovely day and most of the morning I spent in the greenhouse trying to catch up with seeds. I know I’m taking a risk. Yesterday I was driving through blizzards in order to get home. Snow! In April! But today is sunny and just a good spring day.

I couldn’t really wait for the weather to get better… The seeds have been stacking up. You see, here in the mountains, our growing season isn’t very long and any backlog can result in poor crops and low yields.

Last year was awful.

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and start the March seeds off. Yep… I’m that behind.

Now, the greenhouse is full of seed trays and I’m glad that I put in the extra staging. The excellent news is that the cold snap didn’t kill all my tomatoes…

This afternoon I retreated to my workshop and started framing the new exhibition pictures. None of which have ever been seen. So if you are around Aberglasney – come have a look. I’ll be babysitting the exhibition on Saturday 16th April.

Aberglasney April 2016 A4

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