Food allergies · Masters tales


I have started a new project and I managed to get the first 1000 words down today but after I found myself tired but looking at half a day of not much to do. We had my sister’s kids over and I had two options; to go into the workshop and paint or to do some baking.

I have a nut allergy so most of what I eat I have to make, which is great but it can be time consuming. Usually the workshop wins but today I found that I wanted and needed people around. So I got out the flour.

I started making a simple milk loaf but I was half way through before I realised that I was short flour. I had two options – malthouse or rye. I decided on the malt. It has made a beautiful loaf, but I was not alone in my making. My three year old nephew asked if he could help.

We stood side by side, both with aprons on and squished and mashed the life out of the dough. I explained about gluten and showed him how to make the ‘window’ to see how much gluten was awake. He was brilliant and I am told that at school (he only goes in the afternoons) he told his teacher that he had been baking bread all morning. It was good fun and I found that it gave me something I hadn’t realised I had been missing.

I needed to laugh and just have some down time. I have been working on some intense project over the last week or so (yes, I worked through Christmas). So now I feel tired but happy. For Friday my nephew has informed me that we will be making a cake or biscuits and next week there will be more bread. I have a feeling that I may have started something. But what could be better than warm bread and laughter?

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