Masters tales

A new trend…

I’m shocked that my writing has changed but so far this year it is evolving fast. You see at the end of last year I sent one of my children’s stories off to a competition but after I had written it I found I was 1500 words over!

I normally hit the word count beautifully.

Now it has happened again.

And I finally think I understand.

Last year I asked for feedback on one of the kid’s novels… It came back with – good story but no description.

What? I thought. No description !?!

I got angry and threw the story into the corner and didn’t think about it for a while, or at least I thought I hadn’t, but this year I have been over-writing with description…

Is this a bad thing?

I don’t think so. I can edit out the stuff that is irrelevant, and I don’t have to worry about adding description. I’ve already put it in. So it looks like the new trend for this year is, quite simply, I am going to over-write…

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